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Successful marketing and sales is all about how we communicate, engage and build long lasting relationships with our stakeholders, potential customers and clients. Our marketing and sales training courses cover traditional marketing principles, customer service and proven sales techniques. We also help you to maximise the opportunities and overcome the challenges of digital marketing through courses such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Marketing

    in its traditional sense still exists! We all need to create marketing plans, differentiate our offering and integrate off line with on line communications.

    Marketers need to be able to develop plans, organise events and write successful communications.

    Our Fundamentals of Marketing, Events Management and Proofreading training courses still provide many ‘light bulb’ moments!

  • Digital marketing 

    has revolutionised how we do business. If you’re not engaging with your customers online, you can be sure that your competitors are.

    Whether it’s business or personal everyone goes straight online to find what they’re looking for. Digital has shifted the power to consumers and as such, expectations are soaring.

    We can help you create your Digital Marketing Strategy or maximise key tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Sales/customer service

    training is crucial to successful customer acquisition and retention.

    How do you maximise every opportunity for new business and build brand loyalty with your customers so that they become your best ambassadors?

    Our Sales Development and Customer Service training will help you to build lasting relationships from initial sales through to word of mouth marketing.

"By expert practitioners for expert practitioners."

  • It's practical

    Our training is not theory based from a book. It's fun, engaging and practical. It deals with real challenges and provides templates.

  • It works

    We are also expert trainers with vast experience of sharing our knowledge in the most effective way to transfer that knowledge to you.

  • We've walked the talk

    We're not academics. We are people that have experienced your role... usually for many years before we became trainers.

  • We'll keep in touch

    We want to help you to develop the skills that you need. That's why we’ll keep in touch happily answer any ongoing queries you may have.

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