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Introduction to MS Powerpoint


This practical course is designed for those who are either new or have limited experience of MS Powerpoint. The course covers the basic functions and tools of this Microsoft application, providing participants with the knowledge and ability to create professional and impactful presentations.

By the end of this course participants will understand the following areas:

Getting Started         

  • Opening PowerPoint     
  • Opening a presentation
  • Navigating between slides                                          
  • Using the Zoom tool                       
  • Changing PowerPoint views       
  • Using Help         
  • Saving a presentation   
  • Closing a presentation  
  • Closing PowerPoint        
  • Opening multiple presentations
  • Switching between multiple presentations

Creating a Presentation

  • Creating a new presentation      
  • Inserting a new slide      
  • Undo and Redo
  • Saving a presentation   

Manipulating Slides

  • Inserting slides with a particular slide layout       
  • Modifying the slide layout           
  • Changing the background colour on the active slide         
  • Changing background colour on all the slides within a presentation          


  • Applying a theme to a presentation        
  • Text Boxes (Placeholders)
  • What are Text Boxes (Placeholders)       
  • Resizing a Text Box (Placeholder)             
  • Moving a Text Box (Placeholder)              

Text Editing and Formatting      

  • Selecting, Copying, Moving, Resizing and Deleting text
  • Searching your presentation
  • Font Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting   


  • Selecting, Copying, Moving, Resizing and Deleting text
  • Inserting Illustrations
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Formatting Charts
  • Organisation Charts

Moving, Copying and Deleting Slides               

  • Moving slides within a presentation or between presentations  
  • Copying slides within a presentation      
  • Deleting a slide or slides
  • Copying slides between presentations  
  • Moving slides between presentations   

Slide Shows

  • Running a slide show     
  • Slide show transition effects      
  • Slide show animation effects     

Printing and Proofing      

  • Spell-checking  
  • Using Portrait or Landscape slide orientation      
  • Selecting your output format     
  • Visually inspect each slide before printing            
  • Printing a presentation

If you wish to learn how to use MS PowerPoint to create better presentations then this is the course for you.

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